The Mercedes-Benz Legacy

September 17th, 2018 by

Mercedes-Benz has always been top in leading innovation. The founder himself, Carl Benz, is the one who built the first car in 1866. With how much they have improved from the first car and how Mercedes-Benz continues to push the limits. It is no wonder that they are one of the top luxury car brands.

Where it started…

In 1866, Carl Benz built the first car and received a German patent for a three wheeled, self propelled wagon. The first car had a single cylinder engine and one seat. This car changed the way people moved from that day.

Although Carl Benz never thought his car was ready, his wife believed it was ready to be shown to the world and she went on a 120 mile trip without his knowledge. Along with all these first that the car came with, it also won the first auto race in 1894.

Independent Thinking, Inspiring Control

Since Mercedes-Benz always wanted to think independently and outside the box, hoping to inspire themselves and others. They launched the Mercedes 170 in 1931, which has the first ever independent suspension which led for every wheel to respond individually. Along with the new performance that this car featured it also had new safety goals they wanted to reach.

In 1939 they inspired to find new ways to promote safety with their cars and they bean research on how to do just that. They designed a safety car that had a rigid floor, high-impact siding protection.

In 1949 they patented an extremely strong door latch called the “conical-pin door lock”. Along with all these safety features in 1958 they started a crash testing program that became a vital tool in the development of every new Mercedes.


Apart from the factory in Germany, where it all began, vehicles are also manufactured throughout the world. With locations in Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, North America and factories in 30 countries. They’ve been making quality models from cars, vans, trucks and busses. The production of their trucks originally began in their Argentina location. Their wide range of buses and coaches are mainly being produced in Europe and Asia, the first model was produced in 1895.

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