Motorcycle Lingo You Need to Know

June 11th, 2015 by

Searching for a used motorcycle near Chicagoland? You can find what you’re looking for here at Ultimo Motors in Warrenville. But what if you need to brush up on your motorcycle lingo before you hit the open road? We’re here to help with that too. Here is some of the most important biker jargon you need to know!

Biker Lingo

Use these terms to sound like you’re in the know:

  • 1%er: Anybody who claims to be a 1%er is in an outlaw motorcycle club. It’s often worn as a patch on a jacket or vest.
  • Ape Hangers: These handlebars rise high from the bike, so that your hands are level with or higher than your head. Usually used on choppers or cruisers.
  • Bagger: A touring bike with big front fairing and hard panniers.
  • Bobber: A stripped down custom bike.
  • Café Racer: Usually an older British bike that’s stripped down to improve performance.
  • Cager: Motorcycle lingo for drivers of cages (cars).
  • Chopper: A kind of custom bike with tall fork, big front wheel, and usually ape hanger handlebars.
  • Crotch Rocket: Another name for a sport bike.
  • Duck Walking: Pushing your motorcycle with your feet while sitting on it.
  • Dropping the Bikes: Usually when the bike tips over when not under power—can seriously damage a bike’s fairings or other parts.
  • Highsider: A serious kind of crash when the biker is ejected over the bike.
  • Lowsider: A crash where the bike and rider fall sideways, usually due to a loss of traction in the rear.
  • Squid: An irresponsible or inexperienced rider that does not wear the appropriate gear or helmet.
  • The Wave: Bikers often greet each other with a wave below the handlebars when passing on the road.
  • Wheelie: Sudden acceleration and pulling on the handlebars can result in the front wheel leaving the ground—a common stunt.
  • Wrench: Another name for your favorite motorcycle mechanic.

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