Lexus, From Then to Now

October 4th, 2018 by

Lexus, is the largest brand of premium cars from Japan and is a division of the Toyota Motor Corporation. Being one of the largest premium car brand from Japan, find out how Lexus came to be.

The first Lexus, 1989 LS 400

2018 Lexus LS 500H

The beginning

In 1983, the Toyota chairman, Eiji Toyoda, wanted to develop the one of the finest luxury vehicles in the world that provided all the best features. He set out to develop the finest luxury car and by 1989 the first Lexus LS 400 was introduced. This car went on to win numerous awards from publications.

Lexus was able to establish great customer loyalty at an early stage of development. After they recalled over 8,000 models based off of two complaints. The quick response and action began their reputation of having good customer service. They began exports to Australia, the UK, Switzerland and Canada in 1990. This was able to be done because of their explosion of sales within the first year that sold them over 63,000 vehicles.


Lexus took all their success in the first year and continued to work harder. By 1993 they released the sports sedan, GS 300, that they priced cheaper than the LS 400. But they didn’t stop there, that same year they made a certified pre-owned program that same year.

In 1994 they had redesigned the LS 400 for their second generation but production was put on hold because of a government tariff proposal on upscale Japanese vehicles. But that was overturned.

1996 they debuted a sports utility vehicle, LX 450. It was the first SUV they had ever produced and alongside that they have the 3rd generation of the ES 300. In 1998, Lexus was able to sell cars in Brazil. From 1983 until 1999, Lexus had expanded so much around the world, they were able to sell their millionth car.

2000s to now

The first convertible, SC 430 was introduced by Lexus in 2001. With all the hype surrounding Lexus and how much their sales had succeeded, they expanded. From 2006-2009 they expanded to South Africa, Malaysia, Chile and Philippines. The growth they have had around the world can only prove how much everyone loved the brand. In 2009, Lexus was named the seventh largest brand in Japan based on their market value and earnings.

They were on fire with all the cars they were producing and everyone loved what was being made. Lexus is a great luxury car for people because they care about their customers and had shown proof of that since the beginning.

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