Driving Stick Shift 101

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People might think that manual transmissions are a thing of the past. So nowadays, people aren’t being taught how to drive stick shift. According to Edmunds, 93% of cars being bought have an automatic transmission and two pedals. With this rise in automatic cars being bought, there will be less manual cars being made.

Ultimo Motors has an array of cars with have manual transmissions. Cars like the BMW M2, Dodge Challenger SRT and Porsche 911 and many more. These cars are absolutely beautiful and since they have manual transmissions, you’ll need to know how to drive stick. If you don’t know, you’re in luck because Ultimo Motors will teach you in 7 easy steps.

How to Drive Stick Shift

Before you learn how to drive stick shift, you should know some of the basics. Manual cars have 3 pedals in the driver seat. Off to the far left is the clutch, this will be used to shift gears and you will use your left foot for this pedal. Then you will see the common pedals, in the middle of all three is the brake and off to the far right is the gas, these two pedals will use your right foot.

You will also notice the gear shifter most likely found in between the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat. Manual cars can have up to six gears that you might have to shift from.

Step One:

To start off, you must make sure that your car is on neutral, your car is on neutral when the gear shifter is in the middle. To start the car, press your left foot all the way down on the clutch and turn the ignition on using the key. If you are certain that the car is in neutral you can release your foot off the clutch.

Step Two:

To start driving press your left foot all the way on the clutch and your right foot down on the brake.

Step Three:

Next, you should position the gear shifter into the first gear. The first gear is located on the top far left position.

Step Four:

Remove your right foot from the brake pedal. If the previous steps were done correctly, the car should move very little.

Step Five:

Begin to place less pressure on the clutch with ur left foot. As you are releasing pressure from the clutch, with your right foot begin to press on the gas pedal, slowly as well. It is important to note that the first gear will only go up to 15 mph, which is perfect when beginning to learn how to drive stick.

Step Six:

After you have slowly released the clutch, your right foot will solely be on the accelerator and you would be driving in first gear. From there you will be able to realize when you would need to have more speed.

Important to note:

Step Seven:

When you are ready to switch gears, take your right foot off the accelerator and begin to put your left foot on the clutch. While the car is rolling you will be able to switch gears. Then you can repeat step 5, but on a different gear. This step can continue to be repeated until you find the right speed.


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