All New Fingerprint Technology For Cars

January 2nd, 2019 by

Starting your car has never been easier with the ability to have keyless entry and keyless start. But how would you feel if there was fingerprint technology for your car? Of course, it’s not iPhone, but Hyundai is trying to come up with the newest technology to have fingerprint access to their cars. This will allow for the ability to unlock and start your car using their fingerprint. They also aim to have a great security system to prevent theft. Hyundai is also trying to give their consumers the full lifestyle they live. You can now unlock your phone and your car with your fingerprint now.

How It Will Work

The new Hyundai Santa Fe is the first vehicle to receive this feature. To get into the car you must put your fingerprint on the door handle and if it matches, you can open the door, get in the driver seat and start the car with your fingerprint again. They use an encrypted fingerprint information system to verify the correct fingerprint. Although, we are still unsure on how to program the car and if you can program multiple users, it’s still one step towards the future.

Hyundai has introduced their own safety protocol and they use “capacitance recognition” that allows them to detect fake fingerprints. It is able to detect differences in the electricity levels of the fingerprint to weed out the fingerprint imposters. According to Hyundai, the technology is so advance and there is no need to worry about getting the car stolen. They claim it is a one in 50,000 chance of the car misrecognizing another person’s fingerprint. The system will also get better over time because they have a “real-time learning” of fingerprints that is supported by a dynamic update system.

Personalization Feature

In the lifestyle of everyone today, they love the opportunity to personalize anything they can. So Hyundai is giving you the option to make your car even more personalized than the memory seat positions and connectivity features for your phone. Consumers can literally customize their fingerprint for their car. Having this feature only gives the consumers more opportunity to make something their own and another reason on why a person can’t borrow your car. The most valid excuse for this Santa Fe when a friend asks to borrow it can be “Sorry friend, the only way to start it is my fingerprint” and you don’t have to feel bad. It would be a legitimate excuse.

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