Drive Home in a Used Land Rover From Ultimo Motors in Warrenville

We’ve always got an extensive selection of used luxury cars in West Chicagoland area at Ultimo Motors in Warrenville. If you’re searching for a high-quality, gently used Land Rover vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. Land Rover makes famously upscale SUVs that can tackle anything from your weekly grocery run to fording rivers and climbing steep rocky grades. Read on to learn more about Land Rover!

Used Land Rover Models in Chicagoland

Land Rover can trace its history back to British brothers Spencer and Maurice Welks who were inspired by the durable and versatile U.S. Army Jeep used in World War II. While the original Land Rover models, first manufactured all the way back in 1948, were aimed at off-road adventures and military use, the Land Rover vehicles of today offer a considerably more refined and luxurious experience. They still maintain all the rugged, off-road ability, however, so for any driver who wants to be able to head far from civilization in comfort, a Land Rover vehicle will make an excellent choice.

The Land Rover lineup is made up exclusively of luxury off-road oriented SUVs and now Crossover utility vehicles. The Land Rover models you’ll be able to find here at Ultimo Motors in Warrenville include:

  • Land Rover Defender: This vehicle hasn’t been sold in the United States in some time, but used versions are coveted for their utilitarian style and unbeatable reliability.
  • Land Rover Discovery: These upscale yet affordable SUVS mark the entry level for many drivers—they’ve since been renamed as the LR2, LR3, and LR4 models.
  • Range Rover: This flagship SUV offers rugged capability and unmatched refinement. For the pinnacle of performance and comfort, it’s hard to think of a better option.
  • Range Rover Sport: Much like the Range Rover, this model offers upscale amenities and off-road ability, but it’s smaller, more affordable, and usually more efficient.
  • Range Rover Evoque: This dynamic compact crossover is the most efficient, and most nimble Land Rover model, but it doesn’t sacrifice off-road ability or comfort.

Take a look at our pre-owned Land Rover models we currently have in stock.

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